Connected IT Solutions, LLC Is Now Pinpoint Digital, LLC

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We recently changed our name from Connected IT Solutions, LLC to Pinpoint Digital, LLC.  Why did we do this?  Well, essentially the Connected IT Solutions, LLC name had many problems:

1. Connected IT Solutions was long.  Nobody wrote it out and it essentially contained an acronym within an acronym.

2. The IT in solutions sometimes became “it” for people who didn’t know that it stood for Information Technology.

3. Being in Connecticut many people remembered us as being Connecticut IT Solutions.

4. For those who understood that IT stood for Information Technology they associated us with computer networking rather than web design.

After a few months of bouncing ideas back and forth we decided our new name would be Pinpoint Digital, LLC.  We also chose a tagline of Tame the Web and embarked on a rebranding project.  Please rest assured that we are merely rebranding ourselves.  The people and technology behind the scenes have not changed and our goal is really to just provide a more accurate and compelling image of who we are.