Brand Design

Posted in Marketing

Before your customers read a single word about your business, they have formed an initial impression of your brand. Brand design shapes how people perceive your business. How do your customers perceive your business?

Think of brand design as if your customers are standing in a light mist. Your customers don’t realize they’re getting saturated, but gradually the dampness soaks in. Branding is very subtle. However, it needs to extend through all areas of your customer experience. Everything from your logo to your customer service needs to be seamlessly branded.

1415943_93558568While most businesses already have an established brand, many lack a seamless brand presence throughout the entire customer experience. Your customers may recognize your logo, tagline and company colors, but does your brand reflect how your business makes them feel?

If you already have an established brand, you can use your existing branding as a starting point. However, don’t be afraid to refresh your brand identity. Even large companies rebrand themselves over time. Think about how your customers feel about your business now and then decide how you want your brand to influence them going forward.

For example, if you’re a law firm, your customers may already associate your brand with professionalism. However, going forward, you may want them to associate your brand with professionalism and trustworthiness. Use this goal as a starting point as you work on your new brand design. Every aspect of your brand design will need to foster a feeling of trust between you and your customers. Design elements including your logo, color selection, website design and other marketing collateral will all need to convey a trustworthy message.

However, don’t overlook your overall customer experience both online and offline. Your website and social media presence needs to facilitate ease of communication and focus on building relationships with your customers. Trust is earned through strong relationships, but your branding can influence how your customers feel about your business.

Work with your web designer to create a seamless web presence for your business that extends your brand identity throughout your points of contact with customers. Even small details like graphics and images need to be carefully selected to promote your brand identity. Before you post anything online, consider whether or not it further enhances your brand.

Many people will first come into contact with your business via your website or a social networking site. You need to make sure your brand design extends across all aspects of your business. No detail is too small to overlook. Remember, people will judge your business first on appearance and then on their experience.

What impression is your brand making on your customers?