Facebook or Google+ – Where Should You Place Your Focus?

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Although social media is a powerful option for marketing, it can be difficult to determine what platforms will serve you best. Facebook is a dominant player in the social media marketplace, but Google+ is also proving to be a powerful marketing option for businesses. As a result, you will want to establish an active presence for your business on both. However, because marketing budgets are limited, you’ll need to determine where you should place your focus.

Facebook and Google both offer free marketing resources as well as paid advertising solutions. On Facebook, you can set up a Page for your business and on Google+ you can set up a Business Page for free. You can supplement these pages with advertising. In terms of advertising, you need to determine your campaign objectives. Generally campaign objectives can be divided into two categories:

1.Promoting a brand
2.Selling a product/service

Facebook-skins-postBecause users spend more time on Facebook than they do on Google, Facebook may very well be a better option for your business if your objective is to promote your brand and raise brand awareness. With Facebook, you can create targeted advertisements for a very specific demographic. However, Google is generally a better option businesses who are advertising with the objective of selling a product/service. Google advertising offers a better CPC performance, refined targeting options and a wide variety of ad format options.

Where should you place your focus? It really comes down to your marketing goals, especially for a SEO Company. If you want to promote your brand, you may want to spend more money and time on refining your Facebook ads. However, if you are looking to sell products/services using a very targeted advertising campaign, you may be better served with Google. As Google + grows, it is anticipated to provide advertisers with a higher level of user data, which will allow you to better reach your target demographic.gplus

As you consider your future marketing options, work with your web designer to refine your longterm marketing strategy. Both Facebook and Google+ have their place in the current marketing landscape. It really is going to depend on your campaign objectives and how you want to reach your target demographic.

What is your current social media marketing strategy?