Where to Place Social Sharing Buttons on Your Pages

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abstract-shape-1178168-mPlacement of social sharing buttons on your website’s pages is very important because it can have a significant impact on user behavior. In general, most users expect to find social sharing buttons at the top or bottom of content. However, sometimes social sharing buttons are placed in the middle of pages with lots of content. So where should you place social sharing buttons on your pages?

Social sharing buttons are used for two specific purposes:
1.Encourage users to follow you
2.Encourage users to share your content

The purpose of the social sharing button will largely determine its ideal placement on your pages. In general, you’ll want to place your sharing buttons with the purpose of gaining more followers on either the top or bottom of your pages. This is where users are used to finding these sharing buttons, so why complicate it for them?

Social sharing buttons for encouraging users to share your content can be placed on the top of the article page, bottom of the article page or both. For longer article pages, you can include sharing buttons at a logical midpoint in the page. While button placement is important, keeping your placement consistent is critical.

Unfortunately, there’s no hard and fast rule for placement. You’ll have to work with your web designer to determine the most effective placement on your pages. For encouraging users to follow you, be sure to place the buttons in a prominent spot in either your header or footer area. For encouraging users to share content, you can’t go wrong with placing buttons at the bottom, but the top and bottom can both be effective. Again, the key is consistency.

Where do you place social sharing buttons on your pages for increased engagement?