Installing Google Analytics on Your Website

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google_analytics_oficialGoogle Analytics can be a powerful resource for business owners. However, getting started can be somewhat intimidating. You can work with your web development professional to install Google Analytics on your website and begin to take advantage of all the resource has to offer.

To get started with Google Analytics, you’ll need to install your tracking code. Once you’ve installed the tracking code, you’ll be able to view reports within 24 hours.

Before you begin, make sure you can access your website source code and are comfortable with HTML. You can ask your web developer to walk you through the process if you’re not comfortable doing it on your own.  You will also need to have your Google Analytics account and property set up.

Sign into your Google Analytics account. Click Admin in the menu bar and click Tracking Info/Tracking code to find the tracking code snippet for your property. It will be in a box with several lines of JavaScript. The entire content of the box will be your tracking code snippet. The snippet starts with <script> and ends with </script>.

Copy the snippet and paste it into every web page that you want to track. It needs to be pasted immediately before the closing </head> tag on each page. Work with your web development professional to successfully implement and test the tracking snippet on each page to make sure it is working properly.

Once you’ve installed Google Analytics on your website, you’ll want to set up and customize the reporting views. You may also want to add more tracking features to your analytics. Your web development professional will be able to help you customize Google Analytics to your business needs so you can get the most out of it.

There are many advanced tracking options that can be configured depending upon your tracking requirements. With Google Analytics, you’ll be able to set goals, work with report data and maximize your online marketing, advertising and eCommerce campaigns. Talk with your web development pro to get started with Google Analytics and begin advancing your goals in the online marketplace.