Should you use separate landing pages for your paid search campaign?

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1369150_31236852Far too many businesses invest their money in a paid search campaign only to watch it fall flat. There are many reasons why a paid search campaign can falter. One of the most overlooked reasons is poor selection of a landing page.

Many businesses direct their paid search traffic to their home page, product page, sign-up page or shopping cart page. This is a mistake. Instead of repurposing any of these pages for your paid search campaign, you should use separate landing pages.

You are investing a great deal of time and money into your paid search campaign. Why would you want to neglect the landing pages? After all, the landing pages are what determines how well your campaign converts. While your home page or product page may be somewhat effective, imagine how effective a custom designed landing page could be when employed with your paid search campaign.

A paid search campaign is a promotional campaign. Work with your web designer to create engaging landing pages for this campaign with strong calls to action. This will lead to higher conversion rates for your paid search campaigns.

Targeted landing pages can also receive a higher Google quality score, which in turn reduces the cost-per-click and boosts your ad rank. This means your ads are more likely to be seen and clicked by Google users. It should be noted that Google’s quality score is a bit nebulous. Don’t make it your primary focus, but know that landing pages can be beneficial in terms of Google’s quality score.

Landing pages for your paid search campaign will ensure a cohesive message. It’s important that the messaging in your ads is the same as the messaging on your landing pages. Work with your web designer to help you develop a cohesive paid search campaign with customized landing pages for your ads. Paid search campaigns are too expensive to neglect user experience after the ad click. Focus on messaging and hone in on a single focus for each ad and landing page.

Unlike a home page or product page, a landing page will enable you to expose users who click on your ads to your brand, your message and your call-to-action. Make sure you offer only one strong call to action on each landing page. You can create a highly effective paid search campaign by maintaining a laser-like focus on your brand, storytelling and call-to-action.