Are you using Google’s new Universal Analytics?

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universalanalyticsWant to make better use of your Google Analytics account? We all do. The good news is that Google has introduced a new set of features that changes the way data is collected and organized in Google Analytics called Universal Analytics. Universal Analytics will allow you to gain a better understanding of how users interact with your website. It offers more features and better insights.

User ID
Universal Analytics allows you to connect multiple devices, sessions and engagement data with User ID. User ID is a unique ID that you can use to associate multiple sessions to one user in your reports. As a result, you’ll be able to get a more accurate look at user count, user experience and access to new Cross Device reports.

Tracking Code
Universal Analytics offers a tracking code with increased flexibility. You will be able to collect data from any digital device. There are three new versions to meet your specific technical requirements. The new collection methods allow developers to set up and customize tracking codes with ease. Additionally, cross domain tracking for websites is considerably easier to implement and more accurate.

Universal Analytics offers additional configuration options including organic search sources, session and campaign timeout handling, referral exclusions and search term exclusions. Plus, you can create custom dimensions and custom metrics unique to your business.

Universal Analytics offers enhanced eCommerce reports that allows you to better analyze user shopping and purchasing behavior. You’ll be able to assess internal and external marketing and gauge the performance of your products/services.

You can work with your web developer to get set up with Universal Analytics. It is a two step process to upgrade from classic Analytics. While it may take some time to get going with the new features, it will be well worth your investment in time. The new features will allow you to gain additional insights and more accurately track key metrics.

Are you already using Google’s new Universal Analytics? What is your experience so far?