Alternatives to Flash for Tablets

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smartphone-icon-1340911-mMobile devices have signaled the death of Flash. Most iOS and Android devices do not support Flash. As more and more people access the Internet from tablets and other mobile devices, web developers need alternatives to Flash. Otherwise, most mobile users will experience poor functionality on websites designed using flash.

Fortunately, HTML5 is a viable alternative to Flash for tablets and other mobile devices. HTML5 is the future of the Internet. The time to start transitioning away from Flash has come. If you want to position your website for a future where an increasing number of users are accessing your website from mobile devices, you need to consider using HTML5 in place of Flash.

Unlike Flash, HTML5 performs well across platforms. Users can shift from desktop to laptop to tablet to smartphone without noticing a difference with HTML5. For example, online video presents a problem for mobile users when it is executed using Flash. However, HTML5 offers mobile capabilities as well as semantic markup. The possibilities for using video for entertainment, shopping and advertising is wide open to all platforms with HTML5.

With HTML5’s semantic markup, web bots can crawl video clips as their own page. Videos can have title tags as well as everything else that goes along with a standard page. This makes it easier for viewers to search for specific video clips. Naturally, the advantages of this are limitless for business owners looking to reach their target demographic with engaging content and advertising.

Face it, the number of people using mobile for web browsing is only going to grow. The mobile market is already growing at an incredibly rapid pace. If you want to be able to reach users on tablets and mobile devices, you’re going to need to adapt your content for mobile devices. In this case, it means you need to shift from Flash to HTML5 and other viable alternatives to provide an optimal experience for tablet and smartphone users.

When is the last time you’ve used Flash to view a video?