10 Tips for Effective Social Marketing

Posted in Marketing

The social media marketing world can be scary at times.  You want to reach more of your target market and properly position your brand but with so much competition you have to stand out.  We’ve listed a few tips to help you along your social media marketing path.

1.  Go to where your customers are:  Try to reach out to your target market using the social media mediums that they utilize.  If your target demographic is on Facebook then make sure that you are on Facebook.  However, if for some reason you have a target demographic that is using a less popular site such as MySpace then make sure you’re on that as well.

2.  Interaction:  A large part of social media marketing is about interacting with your customers and potential customers.  Use social media as a means for obtaining feedback about your product or service and for allowing your customers to interact with each other.

3.  Keep it up to date:  Visitors like fresh new content so keep your content up to date. Don’t let them get bored with stale content.  Keep them coming back for more.

4.  Special offers:  Make it worth their wild to become a fan, join your group or follow your page.  Consider offering a coupon to those who frequent your social media pages.

5.  Patience is a virtue:  Building your presence on social media networks requires patience. You will not receive a few thousand fans or followers on day one.  However, by consistently being a part of social media communities you will stand a far better chance of succeeding.

6.  Avoid using your blog as one big ad:  Don’t just use your blog or social pages only as a marketing tool.  You don’t want to say to your public that you only care about them as customers.  Try to share your story as an artisan or business and provide content that is interesting and helpful.

7.  Add a share, follow, or like button:  By providing a share, follow, or like button on your website, your visitors can easily share your content with their friends, helping you reach more customers.

8.  Negative feed back is not negative:  By becoming a social entity your business will more than likely receive negative feedback.  Don’t lash out.  Take this feedback and learn from it.  Perhaps there is an area of your business that needs to be improved.

9.  Think before you share:  Share because you care not because someone told you to.  Share things that matter and provide value to your audience.

10.  Encourage comments:  Create interest by asking questions.  Encourage your audience to comment on your posts.  Ask them about their experiences and opinions about your post.

There are many different approaches to social media marketing.  Find your niche and put in the time and you will reap the rewards.