Which celebrities have the best websites?

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Celebrity websites run the gamut. Some are great, some are terrible. The best celebrity websites capture the brand and persona of the celebrity perfectly. Here are a few of the best celebrity websites we’ve found:

Michael Gondry

This whimsical website features a caricature of Gondry holding a signboard with the navigational topics of his website. Overall, the site is very engaging and interactive. It draws you in and begs you to click on the different features of the site. The design embodies the essence of Michael Gondry perfectly, which makes it such an exceptional web design for this celebrity.

Jay Z

This website features the life and times of Jaz Z. It embodies Jay Z as a brand and is more like a lifestyle magazine than a celebrity website. Visitors to the site will be enriched by the digital experience curated by Jay Z. The web design is a great example of how to represent a multi-faceted celebrity like Jay Z in digital format.

Jeff Bridges

The pencil sketched web design of this celebrity’s website plays into his accessible persona. His website is inviting and down to earth. Users arrive on a welcome page and can navigate to the main site where there is a handwritten menu list of his latest creative endeavors. It’s a good example of how a web design can represent a personal brand.

Tim Burton

Video gamers will appreciate this web design, as it feels kind of like a video game as you navigate through its pages using the character Stain Boy. There is a public and private gallery for visitors. You need to sign up using an email address to access the private gallery. It is everything you would expect from Tim Burton from the colorful paintings to the eerie music. The interactivity is second to none on this website.

An example of art from Tim Burton's Website

An example of art from Tim Burton’s Website

M Night Shyamalan 

As you arrive on this celebrities website, you notice that you’re not in for the usual web browsing experience. Instead, it captures his brand perfectly with a creepy intro that you may not want to watch when you’re alone with the lights off. While it may not be the easiest to navigate, it captures the enigma that is M Night Shyamalan.

What other celebrity websites would you add to the list?