Blogger Outreach

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As a small business owner, you are an expert within your niche. Your knowledge of the industry you serve can be a valuable asset to bloggers who are always looking for new sources of quality information to provide to their readers. Establishing a relationship with the blogging community surrounding your niche within the industry you serve is called blogger outreach. Blogs can be a powerful way to influence your website’s SEO through social media.

Bloggers play a central role in new media and many command a large, dedicated audience. Start off by reading blogs within your niche. Leave comments and contribute to the conversation on these blogs. Over time, you’ll develop a relationship with the bloggers on these blogs. As a business owner within the niche the blogger serves, you are in a position to pitch the blogger to do guest posts or even write a weekly column. While establishing relationships with bloggers can be time-consuming and even overwhelming if you’re not familiar with the blogging platform, it is a worthy investment of your time.

Building Social Links for You

Becoming an active participant in your niche’s blogging community can actually build social links for you. Each time you leave a comment after a blog post that contributes to the overall conversation within the community, you will be building up credibility and trust with the blog’s readership. Readers who find value in your comments will seek more information about you and your business. They may discover your business and share links to it with their social connections. These are more passive ways that blogs can build social links for you.

Another great way to build social networks through blogger outreach is to become a guest blogger on blogs within your niche. As an expert in your industry, you can offer valuable information. You will gain a following from each blog you guest post on. In turn, you will have built a large number of social links from readers who have shared your posts and links to your website. Guest blog links from industry blogs are a powerful way to improve your SEO.

Great Relationships with Bloggers

As a business owner, you have the ability to grow lasting relationships with bloggers that focus on your industry. They can reach a large audience and provide you with viable leads. Because their readers are already interested in your industry, they will be prime business prospects. Plus, readers will trust you because you because you are actively involved in the blogging community. Guest posting on blogs will establish you as an authority in the industry.

A Modern Approach to Link Building

Blogger outreach can be viewed as a modern approach to link building. Guest blog links are an effective link building strategy. Readers will share links to your guest posts and to your website on their social networks. Search engines hold these kinds of links in high regard.  Therefore, becoming an active participant in the blogging community for your industry is a very important link building strategy for modern businesses.

Building successful relationships with individual bloggers is rewarding, but it’s also time consuming.  At Pinpoint Digital, we’re able to take on the responsibility of representing your brand to the blogosphere and get you some great links in the process.  Why don’t you get in touch so we can talk to you about how we can work together to get great results?