Branding: Combining Marketing with Storytelling

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Branding: Combining Marketing with Storytelling

There’s no question that content marketing is going to continue to be the strategy businesses need to use to grow their presence on the Internet. However, as the emphasis on quality and engaging content continues to grow, businesses are going to have to adapt their approach to content marketing. In terms of branding, businesses are beginning to realize that combining marketing and storytelling is an effective strategy for content marketing to web users who are increasingly weary of standard advertising and marketing messages.

Everyone loves an interesting story, even if it is coming from a business. The more effectively you can integrate a marketing or brand message into your content marketing through storytelling, the better chances you have of engaging visitors to your website, your blog readers and your social media fans. The key to pulling this delicate balance of marketing and storytelling is to find the essence of your brand.

Let’s look at an example. Say you own a home decorating store that sells decorations made from repurposed items. Instead creating content with the sole purpose of selling the goods in your store, you would want to develop content that tells a story. For example, you may want to document the story of one of your products from start to finish. Document the process of taking the item and repurposing it into the final product through a series of slides on your website, make a video of it to post on YouTube and share links to these on your social networks.

Another idea would be to run a series of how to stories on different home decorating projects that integrate your products into the overall design. Again, writing an article with pictures or displaying them in slide format with pictures along with a YouTube video will keep your content fresh across your entire online presence. You can encourage your fans to interact by encouraging them to share their own home decorating projects with bonus points for those who include one of your products in with their submissions.

As you can see from this example, by combining marketing with storytelling in your content marketing, you’re instantly making your content more engaging. Storytelling provides you with the opportunity to connect with your online connections on a more personal level. Inviting them to share their own experiences with your products at the end of your stories will promote interaction and increase participation across your entire online presence.