Choosing the Right Colors for Your Website

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Choosing the Right Colors for Your Website

When choosing the colors for your website it’s important that the color scheme draws visitors in and doesn’t push them away.  Selecting the color scheme of a website is an import design step that shouldn’t be overlooked.  Here we’ve listed some important ideas to keep in mind when choosing the colors of your website.

Does your business have an existing color scheme?  Your business may have a set color scheme for its logo and branding.  Take time to consider how these colors can be incorporated with the color scheme of your website.

What’s the purpose of your website?  Colors inspire a wide range of emotions. Consider what kind of mood you want to set for your visitors and choose the colors accordingly.  A banking or insurance website will want to create a serious and trustworthy atmosphere, while an upcoming artist may wish to  create a young, creative atmosphere.

Who’s your target audience?  Colors invoke different feelings in different people.  Women see colors differently than men, and older visitors interpret colors differently than younger visitors, as do people from different cultures. Take time to evaluate what you want to say and who you want to say it to.

How many colors should you use?  Although this is a debatable question, a large number of designers recommend using only 3 main colors on your website.  The more colors you use, the more difficult it becomes to keep them balanced and create a consistent look for your site.

Other things to keep in mind: 

Keep it natural, unless your brand or business requires the use of outrageous colors, try sticking to a natural palette of colors.

Strong contrast between background and text is easier to read.

Use colors consistently throughout the site, stick to a small set of colors and use them consistently throughout the site.

Remember not everyone see colors the same way; your color scheme may be difficult for someone with color blindness to navigate your site.

Here we’ve listed some common associations with colors to help you through the process:

Red:  Energy, enthusiasm, passion, power.  Can also imply aggression, or danger.

Blue:  Spirituality, freedom, patience, loyalty, peace, stability.  Can also imply sadness, or depression.

Yellow:  Light, optimism, joy, bright, warmth, satisfaction. Can imply caution.

Green:  Life, natural, restfulness, health, wealth, prosperity.

Orange:  Friendliness, warmth, approachability, energy, playfulness, courage.

Violet: Wisdom, sophistication, celebration, knowledge, loyalty.

White: Cleanliness, youth, fresh, peace, faith, purity(in western cultures.)

Black: Power, elegance, secrecy, mystery.

Gray:  Security, maturity, reliability. Can imply a sense of trust .

Pink: Romance, feminine color.

Brown: Comfort, strength, stability, credibility.

When working with a designer, let him know the goals of your business, who it is targeted to, and the feeling you would like to invoke in visitors, this way the designer can help you choose a palette that is appealing to your target audience.  Web and graphic designers are aware of different methods for choosing a color scheme and they know what colors work well together.