Creating Content For Your Blog

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Most blogs are simple to set up. Even customizing can be simple with ready-made plugins and hundreds of unique templates to choose from. The real challenge is ensuring you have a regular flood of content for your blog.

Writing Your Own Blog Content

Traditional blog posts are text entries that may be anywhere from a few brief words to very long feature articles. Here are some ideas for generating blog content on your own:

  • Post on business challenges
  • Report on news relevant to your industry
  • Stir up emotions with unpopular viewpoints
  • Invite a guest blogger to post

Aim for creating link-worthy content. When others link to you, traffic is born, authority is built:

  • “Top X” lists and How-Tos remain popular
  • Reports, whitepapers, PDFs
  • Newsletters
  • Infographics
  • DIY videos – Make a simple video that explains something to your readers or offers a how-to or tutorial. Don’t forget to offer the transcript as well. It’s good for those who don’t like videos as well as for SEO.

Maintain a list of ideas and publish regularly to keep the web crawlers indexing your content. For text heavy blogs make sure to vary the length of your posts. For longer posts you may need to sketch out a quick outline that sharpens your focus and keeps you from straying off topic.

Generating Unending Blog Ideas

If you’re uninspired to come up with your own ideas for blog posts, look to other sources to get your ideas flowing:

  • Competitor blogs
  • News stories
  • Digg, Facebook, Twitter, Technorati, etc.
  • Magazine and newsstands
  • Coffee shop conversations – be a great listener
  • Reader comment

Blog Content From Other Sources

There are many other sources that offer other types of content that you can use, borrow, or buy to diversify your blog content. Try these out when you want something different from the plain old boring word posts:

  • YouTube – Most blogging platforms give you really simple instructions for embedding videos that can be viewed right in your blog post giving readers a more dynamic experience.
  • RSS feeds – With plugins and customizable blog widgets you can increase reader interest by offering real-time feeds for related content and news.
  • Photos, illustrations – Embed images of your own or buy them from sites like iStockPhoto or Getty Images. Save money and buy in bulk.