Dodge the Google Slap: Creating a Google-Friendly Website

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According to (at the time of this writing) Google holds a steady 65+ percent of the search market. For many online businesses and marketers the only search results and ranking results that matter are Google’s. Big algorithm updates are reliable for disrupting some search patterns. Witness one of the supposed largest updates-the Farmer update-and the alleged impact it had on notable “content farms,” or sites with large stables of mediocre at best editorial content.

But algo updates are not the only fear with Google. Black Hat SEO, link buying, content scraping and other types of sketchy practices can get a site dumped in the rankings, or “Google slapped.”

Tips for Building the Google-Friendly Site

How can you best maintain a Google-friendly site and avoid the search drama?

  • Ensure that the content on your site fits your site’s theme or industry. In other words, don’t put mortgage content on a site that’s focused on selling performance car tires.
  • Optimize images for the web. Slow-loading images deter users and visitors and provide a poor web experience.
  • Content is King remains true and Google rewards sites that make the extra effort to offer customers and visitors high quality content.
  • Review your site regularly: check content that may be dated and need refreshing, click all links to make sure they are functional.
  • Integrate simple SEO that helps ensure your site gets crawled by the search bots: write page title and description tags for each webpage, add alt text and keywords to images and graphics, avoid going overboard with keywords, aka “keyword stuffing.
  • Be wary of advice or guidance that promotes setting up websites to scrape content that belongs to someone else, employs link farms as content, or encourages overuse of advertising for money-making schemes.
  • Once you have a site up and running, reference Google’s Webmaster Tools to help guide you. This online free resource is assembled by the best in the business: Google. It’s pretty much a no-brainer. You’ll find resources related to design and content, technical, and quality considerations, including instructions for building a sitemap, how to handle duplicate content, how to create search friendly URLs, and more.

Dodge the “Google Slap” and talk to us at Pinpoint Digital about helping you develop a Google-friendly website.