An Introduction to Google+

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An Introduction to Google+

Small businesses that would like to learn how to build better relationships with their clients have plenty of opportunities to do so when they use Google+. Entrepreneurs attract customers by sharing their business’ promotions, thoughts, photos, and web links by using a variety of online marketing tools. When you use Google+, you can share important business information with your customers, and here are 8 reasons why.

Publishing Blog Posts

When your goal is to create a solid online presence where customers can read about your business, talk to you, and discuss issues in your industry, you can start publishing posts for customers to read. With Google+, you can post them publicly so your customers will find them when they search, or you can create a Circle if you want to target certain followers.

Promoting Your Google+ Page

There are many ways small businesses can promote their Google+ page and business website. They start by promoting their self by using Google+ Direct Connect, as well as Google+ Badge. This enables readers to recommend their business to others by clicking a +1 icon. You can include Google+ on your social media profiles, blogs, advertising, and more so people can start to follow you on your Google+ page.

What is a Google+ Badge?

Business owners can add a Google+ Badge to their business websites, which will connect to their company’s Google+ page. Google+ Badge allows current and potential customers and followers click on the +1 icon to follow your page. When a customer visits your business website, they can follow your Google+ page by clicking on the Badge.

Direct Connect With Google+

When customers do a search for your company name and the Google+ sign comes up highlighted in their results, they’ll know you have a Google+ page. Direct Connect showcases your recent postings to interested customers and followers, as well as providing a preview of your Google+ profile on the search results page.

Get Recommendations with Google +1

A great way for your customers to share your business with friends and family members is when they click on your Google +1 button. Customers can recommend businesses to their family and friends when they click on your +1 button.

Become a +1 on Search Results

When customers are searching for your products or services in Google, the +1 icon will come up at the top of their search. Google helps recommend your business at the exact time someone is interested in what you have to offer. Google is trying to personalize search results for users by using +1, which brings businesses relevant traffic.

Share Google +1

To increase your website exposure, you can install the +1 icon on every business web page. This allows visitors to click the +1 icon, which is then shared on their Google+ page, where they can share it on their social media networks.

Using +1 on Advertisements

You can add a +1 icon on display advertisements so you can run ad campaigns in over 40 countries, and across millions of websites. The +1 on your ad syncs up with +1 in your website, search result, and search advertisements.

Now that you know the basics of what Google+ has to offer, you can start installing +1 buttons and Badges on your web pages, blogs, and social media profiles.