How to Nurture Leads with Content

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As content marketing continues to grow in importance, many small businesses are struggling to strike the right balance of content and marketing in their blogging efforts. Indeed, striking the right balance can be difficult. Weaving a subtle marketing message into content that your readers will enjoy isn’t easy. However, if you’re consistent in your content marketing efforts, you’re well on your way to nurturing leads for your business. Prospects coming to your website who appreciate your blog will return regularly. Not only that, but they’ll share it with their friends and colleagues.

Here are three tips to help you develop a consistent approach to content marketing that strikes the right balance between content and marketing.

1.Grab their attention. First and foremost, your content needs to attract the attention of visitors to your website. Focus on creating engaging headlines. The best headlines offer something of value to the reader. Make your headlines irresistible and you’ll draw readers into your content. Write content to solve problems your readers face. Make their lives easier by offering quick tips. Your content should be consistently helpful and engaging to encourage repeat readers.

2.Convert their attention. While you are busy helping your readers out on your blog, you can convert their attention into sales by integrating subtle marketing messages throughout your content. For example, if you are an accounting firm, you may blog about common accounting problems your clients face. Throughout your content, you can subtly suggest your readers consult their accountant for further help in the topic you are discussing. Referring your readers to your services in a subtle manner like this won’t be offensive to them because you are offering them valuable information through your content.

3.Call to action. In some cases, you will want to include a strong call to action in your content. A how to article may conclude with a call to action for those readers who don’t want to do it themselves, but instead would prefer to rely on your expert services. In this case, you’ll be striking the right balance between content and marketing because you’ll have given a detailed how to and at the same time offered your services.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a set formula for content marketing. However, if you work towards building a relationship with your readers, you will be able to organically nurture leads. But remember, unless you ask your readers to take action, they will likely just keep on reading your blog. Don’t be afraid to offer your specialty products or expert services when appropriate. As long as you aren’t trying to close a hard sale, your readers will appreciate your call to action.