How Your Small Business Can Benefit from Using Google Analytics

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Every small business owner who has a website and uses online marketing strategies need to know how they can benefit by using Google Analytics. Business owners who have not yet transitioned to online advertising and marketing need to do so because they are missing out of a lot of potential sales and to expand their business. It is time that you know the benefits of using Google Analytics to help grow your small business.

Keep Track of SEO Campaigns

Google Analytics can help you keep track of search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns for you. When you want to attract new customers to your online business, you need to use Google Analytics to maximize your results. There are tools you can use to help you determine how well your SEO campaign will run. Start looking at the monthly statistics to determine how well your campaign is coming along before you look at a year to year picture.

Help Segment Your Website Visitors

Another excellent way to use Google Analytics is to help segment your web visitors. Even if a potential customer likes what they see on your website, they still might go to your competitors.  You need to be aware of the types of visitors you are receiving, which helps by looking at popular keywords you are using to draw in traffic. You can remove weak keywords that send you traffic that does not intend on buying your products or services.

You Can Look at Your Web Page’s Quality

Google Analytics helps small business owners to look at and examine their website pages to determine how well they are written to draw in traffic. If you have a website that does not have quality content, Google Analytics will show you “visitor flow visualizations” so you can determine which pages you need to redesign, and which ones have good quality content. Under performing websites should get redesigned to attract visitors, which will then turn in to buying customers.

Measure Your Offline Campaign Successes

Google Analytics even helps small business owners to measure how successful their offline marketing campaigns are doing. You will have real data to figure out which offline marketing campaigns are worth your time and money, and which ones you should cut out. You can set up different URLs when you create radio, TV, or print advertisements, which will show you where your customers are coming from. This helps you compare different offline advertising campaigns effectively when potential customers type in a different URL for each type of print advertising.

Start Understanding Your Customers

Small businesses will likely not be as successful as their competitors if they do not have the ability to understand what their customers are looking for. Business owners need to know their target audience’s wants and needs, and how they can effectively market their business to attract potential customers.

Now you know the basics of why small businesses can benefit from using Google Analytics to increase profits. Isn’t it about time you start using Google Analytics for your business?