Are You a Social Networking Butterfly?

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Whether you have an online business or a traditional brick-and-mortar establishment, turning to social networking is essential for that all-important marketing boost. Social networking is a popular form of communication that allows you to connect with and establish responsive customer relationships. Social networking a proven way to build customer rapport.

Customers are the cornerstone of your business, and building a responsive customer database can make or break a company. Look to social networking sites to connect with your target audience. In turn, you will also gain the ability to observe the marketing techniques of the competition in your niche, giving you valuable insight.

Be sure to set some time aside to connect with your customers on a deeper level. It doesn’t matter if you connect online or in person; you should always be yourself and be true to your business. Social networking is not primarily about sales but about helping and connecting with others, which may developed into trusted sales.

Face-to-Face Social Networking

This is a form of networking that most are familiar with. These traditional face-to-face meetings are usually at an event, a conference or business meeting. While online methods have become popular, nothing beats meeting and greeting with potential clients and customers face to face, establishing an instant rapport.

Your primary objective with these interactions is not to sell yourself or your company, but to determine a need for help or advice and establish yourself as the one who can meet those needs. This connection will earn you their trust and may lead to a long term customer relationship. It’s also polite and much less stressful than putting pressure on yourself to sell, sell, sell!

If you are introverted or nervous by nature, becoming a social networking butterfly will become easier with practice. Just remember that many other people are in the same boat, and even letting other people know that you are a little nervous can break the ice. Once you’ve attended a few events, you will be meeting and greeting like-minded people and potential customers with grace and style.

Online Social Networking

Another popular form of social networking relies on social media and networking sites to establish an online presence. The same values and ideas that you use in face-to-face meetings should be applied to online marketing efforts, yet online networking provides slightly different advantages.

Once you have created an online presence, people are able to find your company information or resources at their leisure from their own homes. Through this medium, you can incorporate contact methods into an automated system whereby you don’t have to invest in physical hours of prospecting. This is a valuable asset to any company looking to connect with new customers and should be implemented as part of your daily marketing routine.

Online social networking can help extend your brand image much further than face-to-face encounters, though your success heavily depends on the methods you choose. It can be fun to cast a wide network, but keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to discover ways to reach your specific market, just as you would choose a conference that is geared toward your niche.

Thinking of Hiring a Social Media Expert?

Hiring a social media expert is a great way to outsource your online social networking strategies and let someone with the right skills and experience manage these tasks on your behalf. You can learn more about the of the perks of outsourcing by visiting: ‘Have You Hired a Social Media Expert Yet?‘ Here we will look at what management options are available for every budget.