Website Design Principles

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An effective business website attracts new customers and increases sales. In order to attract new customers and increase your sales, you will need to provide visitors to your website with a positive experience. The design of your website will play a critical role in this experience.

At Pinpoint Digital, our website design principles center around user experience. We work hard to create user friendly web design. Web design needs to be intuitive and simple. Internet users have short attention spans. Your website needs to be easy to navigate and rich with helpful information. In order to achieve a conversion friendly web design, we strive to integrate a strong call to action and brand messaging throughout your website. We work closely with you from start to finish to help you meet your design objectives.

Users First in Web Design

We put users first in web design. After all, your website is designed to provide your customers and prospective customers with a convenient way to access your business. Whether your website is a complex ecommerce storefront or a simple single page website with your contact information and resume, your website needs to have a user friendly design.

In order to achieve a user friendly web design, you need to get inside of the head of your customers as they browse your website. At Pinpoint Digital, we will work with you to help you flesh out the needs and expectations of your customers and prospects. We offer custom website designs and will develop custom web applications to ensure that your customers receive the user experience they desire from your website.

Conversion Friendly Web Design

A website’s primary objective is to convert prospects into customers. While a user friendly web design can help get your foot in the door, conversion friendly web design is essential to your success.

Our design process involves the careful integration of your brand messaging and call to action throughout your web design. We design custom web applications that can help give visitors to your website that extra nudge they need to make a purchase or at the very least – seek more information. Many web design firms neglect this important consideration in the design process or add it in as an afterthought. At Pinpoint Digital, we make it a priority from the start.

Getting More Business from Your Website

If you successfully combine user friendly web design principles with conversion friendly web design principles, you will have no trouble getting more business from your website. At Pinpoint Digital, we make it a point to put users first. As a result, you will see an increase in conversions from your website. You’ll end up getting more business and over time your website will become an integral part of your business. If you’re ready to grow your business, contact us to get started with your website!

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