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At Pinpoint Digital we build conversion optimized websites plus drive traffic through various marketing strategies. Getting the right visitors to your website and then converting them into leads are the two core things that we focus on at Pinpoint Digital.

Professional Websites

Search Engine Optimization

Google Ads & Facebook Ads

Landscaper Marketing

At Pinpoint Digital, LLC we specialize in working with landscaping companies and other contractors to help them get more business. We use a variety of approaches to achieve this. We build professional websites and implement marketing strategies such as search engine optimization and paid advertising. We have been in business since 2007 and have a large portfolio of landscaping websites. We also have 20+ online reviews from Google. Whether you simply need a professional website to help convert existing prospects or are looking to implement a more robust landscaper marketing program, we can help!

Landscaping Websites

Having a professional landscaping website is important to helping prospects both find you online as well as to build your credibility as a business.  A website helps in many aspects of the sales process.  For instance, prospects who are evaluating a quote from you are likely going to look for more information about you online.  They will likely try to find reviews from other customers and look for pictures of jobs that you have completed.  Having a website that is easy to find and easy to navigate is important to helping your prospects evaluate your services and find the information they are looking for.  Having built hundreds of websites, we understand what makes a website convert and can help with all aspects of the website creation and marketing process.  We can even write the copy for you!  In today’s mobile-centric world, a responsive website is non-negotiable. Pinpoint Digital, LLC designs websites that adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes and devices. This ensures that potential customers have a consistent and user-friendly experience, whether they’re browsing on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.  Our website development services include the following.

  • Logo Design (When Needed)
  • Custom Design or Templated Website
  • Optional Copywriting
  • Responsive (Optimal Rendering on Mobile Devices)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For some of our customers, creating a professional website is all that they need.  However, many of our customers are looking to get more leads and grow their business.  SEO is one of the best ways to grow your business.  It involves creating a website that Google is able to associate as providing a commercial service, building content that discusses those services and then creating signals that help rank your website higher.  SEO is an ongoing process of trying to bring in more business through getting more traffic from search engines, primarily Google.  Our SEO services include the following.

  • Local SEO: This involves optimizing your Google Business (previously called Google My Business – GMB) profile.
  • Organic SEO: We create content on a monthly basis as well as drive signals to your website in order to get Google to rank it higher and send more relevant traffic to your website.

Google Ads Management

While SEO is a powerful long-term strategy for attracting organic traffic, it can take some time to see significant results. Recognizing the need for immediate results, we often recommend running Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) in conjunction with any new SEO campaign.  With Google you pay per click each time someone clicks on your ad. The targeting mechanism allows for going after high intent keywords (such as “landscaper near me”).  We can help setup both an ads campaign for you as well as get you setup with Local Service Ads (Google Guarantee Program – where available).

Direct Mail Marketing

A direct mail campaign can be an extremely effective way of getting in front of potential customers. Digital marketing gets a lot of attention but that also creates more opportunities for offline marketing because it’s less saturated with competition. There are several ways to implement a mail campaign but one of the best approaches is with EDDM from the USPS. These postcard campaigns allow you to be laser focused on your target audience. They are delivered by the USPS and allow for selecting individual carrier routes down to a neighborhood level. This is a great way to increase the density of your service area or target more affluent homeowners.


Many landscaping businesses put a lot of effort into finding new customers and ignore selling more services to existing customers. As part of any marketing strategy we always recommend trying to maximize the lifetime value of your existing customers. A great way to do this is to encourage customers to buy additional services year after year. Staying top of mind and making sure current and past customers are aware of the range of services that you offer can be achieved multiple ways. Newsletters are a great way to do email marketing and to stay top of mind with your customers. You can remind them about your service offering and make sure that you are the one they call when they have their next project.

Other Landscaping Marketing Strategies

  • We offer complete graphic design services so if you want to hang lawn care flyers, for example, we can create those for you.
  • We create business cards. Don’t ignore your branding and having a professional card to hand out when you speak with people.
  • We can help you strategize on various marketing ideas such as a referral program or a campaign to try to get more commercial properties as clients.

Our Work

Whether you own a landscaping business or provide some other type of outdoor contracting service we can help. The following are just a few of the types of businesses that we work with.

  • Lawn Care Businesses
  • Landscape Supply Companies
  • Mulch & Earth Products Suppliers
  • Excavation Businesses
  • Tree Care Businesses

Free Consultation

If you own a landscaping business or other contractor business you should consider online advertising.  By building a website that converts visitors into leads, optimizing your online presence through SEO and local business optimization, and strategically leveraging Google Ads for immediate results, Pinpoint Digital, LLC ensures that your landscaping business thrives in the digital landscape. Contact us today to unlock your landscaping or green business’s full potential and start reaping the benefits of a robust online presence.