NoCode Guides

We have helped more than 30 entrepreneurs create and launch businesses built around a custom web application that we have built for them.  These entrepreneurs typically have deep expertise in an industry and have identified some way that they can improve their industry through technology.  They often come to us with a general idea of the problem and how they can see technology solving it.  We work with them to fully understand their vision and the role a custom web application can have in solving the need they have identified.  We collaboratively work together to flesh out what a minimum viable product would contain and build and launch it with them.  For those who find product-market fit we continue working with them over multiple years to add on features and help them respond to their users requirements.

We have used this same process for our own ventures.  For example, we are currently working on a two  sided marketplace called NoCode Guides. This site has over 50 experts who provide mentoring and development for NoCode projects.  People can schedule one-on-one video and phone calls with mentors who are experts in various NoCode tools.  They can also post projects and receive proposals from the mentors.  We built the site using PHP and the Laravel, a web application framework.  The site handles everything from capturing payments from customers to hosting the actual video calls and sending payments to the experts.  The site uses Stripe for handling payments and payouts.  It uses Twilio for handling the video and phone calls.

The site allows for easily spinning up additional two-sided expertise marketplaces.  Our goal is to have a network of marketplace sites for various topics.  By working on our own projects in addition to client work we have a unique perspective.  We understand the difficulties of building a startup and approach working with entrepreneurs from both a strategic and a technical perspective.  We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs build successful web applications.