6 Ways to Find a Better Web Design Company

Low traffic, high bounce rates and zero conversion these make up the dreaded trifecta problems for site owners. If you have a tough time making these problems go away, it might be time to start looking for a new web design company in Connecticut to help you.

Start with experience

It’s always a safer bet to go with companies like Pinpoint Digital, LLC. A team of trained experts and years spent in the business make them an ideal choice for many companies looking for reliable SEO Services.

Ask about past projects

If your business specializes in a specific field and it’s hard to find the right expert to match, then look for companies that have done similar work in the past. That could be a good gauge of whether they could help you or not.

Find out what’s wrong

Determine what went wrong with your current search team and use that knowledge to hire a better SEO agency. If it was a communication problem, fix it before you hire a new company. That way, you won’t be repeating past mistakes and end up needing another replacement much too soon.

Know the signs

In some cases, it can be hard to tell if the Search Engine Optimization experts you’ve hired are helping or hurting your company. But if they consistently don’t ask you for anything like access to your social accounts so they could take a look around and assess your social media situation or a list of keywords, an editor access to your CMS, access to your Google Webmaster tools and a whole lot more then that means they probably aren’t doing any work, says Kissmetrics. If that’s the case, walk away and find help elsewhere.

Have a strategy

The best site designs incorporate branding and marketing elements. They’re only effective if they’re well aligned with your marketing strategy. If that’s not the case, then find an SEO company that offers the services of a WordPress developer along with website design services. With help from both sides, coming up with a site design that wins on both search and social should be easy enough to achieve.

Do it now

These problems aren’t going to go away on their own. If you don’t do something soon, you could lose the trust of your customers, along with a big chunk of your target market. Keep that from happening by hiring the right web design company in Connecticut today.