How to Prepare Your Blog for Social Media Sharing

Social media sharing is an important consideration for your business’s blog. In fact, it is a key component in your website’s overall page ranking on the search engine results pages. Therefore, if you are looking to rank well on your website, you need to be make sure your blog is positioned to make it easy and attractive for your blog readers to share your posts on their social media networks.

As you’re preparing your blog for social media sharing, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

1.Identify your target audience. Instead of focusing on your priorities, use your blog as an opportunity to address the needs of your readers. If you successfully meet the needs and concerns of your readers, you will likely turn many prospective customers into loyal customers. However, even if you don’t convert readers into customers, if they find your blog posts helpful, they will share them on their social networks.

2.Respond to your readers. In order to keep your readers coming back week after week, be sure to write content in response to their ideas, questions and concerns. Use the comments section of your blog as a tool to drive the direction your blog should take from week to week. Feature at least one post a week on reader feedback. It will make your blog more interactive and your content will gradually adapt to the changing needs of your readers. Finally, readers will become more personally invested in your blog if you consistently feature their ideas in blog posts.

3.Integrate a feature image or graphic. Images and graphics are a key part of any blog post. They provide a visual stopping point for readers within the body of your post and attract attention to your content. The more compelling your images and graphics are on your posts, the more they will be shared. People are naturally drawn to images and graphics, especially while browsing blog posts the Internet. Sometimes all it takes for someone to read a blog post is an eye-catching graphic to draw their interest.

4.Craft engaging blog titles. Blog titles are a lot like magazine headlines, they need to be engaging. When you’re crafting blog titles, use magazine headlines as your inspiration. Although your title needs to be enticing, it also should be informative. Your reader should know exactly what the blog post will be about simply by glancing at the title. Finally, keep in mind that many social users browse titles from shared articles looking for something interesting to read and pass on to their own social networks.

5.Format blog posts for web readers. Internet users skim the web for content. Therefore, you need to format your blog posts in a way that users can glean information from your posts simply by skimming them quickly. Use numbered lists, bullet points and short, concise paragraphs to allow readers to easily digest your blog posts without having to spend too much time. Blog posts formatted in this manner are more likely to be read and shared.