Connecticut App Developer

Pinpoint Digital is a top Connecticut App Developer. We are located in Plainville, Connecticut. Our track record for building web applications is both wide and deep. Our applications range from creating complex workflow management systems for a Fortune 100 company to creating a two sided marketplace for people to post and find tag sales. One of the things that sets us apart is our focus on the specifications phase where we create a detailed blueprint for what to build. This helps us fully define the project and most of the time helps our clients to focus their vision for what to build. A lot of times clients come to us with a high level vision but few details. We help to take that high level vision and define it well enough so that a web application can be built. The following area a few applications that we have built.

  • A shipment tracking solution to allow a Fortune 100 company to track their shipments as they traveled across the U.S.
  • We created a reverse logistics workflow management system to allow for the same Fortune 100 company to handle returns and refusals of shipments in a partially automated manner.
  • A regional water authority needed a way to publish alerts for their customers. We created a custom workflow management system to facilitate this.
  • We created a very popular membership platform used by medical students to study for their STEP 1 boards.

Our process includes the following steps:

Discovery: During this phase we work with the client to fully define the project and write a specifications document or blueprint for all of the functionality. This helps our clients fully flesh out their vision.

Design: We create a visual mockup of some or all of the pages on the website.

Implementation: During this phase we write the actual code for the website. We typically build our applications in either WordPress or Laravel.

Testing (Quality Assurance): After the application is built we do extensive testing to discover and resolve any bugs. We also have our clients review the site in a staging area and have them do testing as well. Our goal is to find any bugs before releasing the application to real users.

Launch: Launching a new web application is exciting for both us and our clients and we work diligently to monitor the results during the launch.

Maintenance: It’s not over once an application launches. We stand ready to address any issues that your users encounter and to address any feedback that you provide. As an application gathers real world feedback from users we often add on additional features and functionality.