What’s the best color to grab a user’s attention?


In a competitive online market, you want your website to be attention grabbing. So, what’s the best color to grab a user’s attention? It really depends on your overall color scheme. Select a bold accent color for your web design based on your brand.

A good rule of thumb is to select the most vibrant color in your logo. However, you may opt for a different color if it better serves your design objectives. Work with your web designer to determine the right color for your website design. As a CT Web Designer we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the right colors to use on websites.

Think of your website like a showroom for your business. Select an accent color and use it to highlight important elements throughout your web pages. Bright, bold and vibrant colors work best. However, any color that contrasts with your background will serve you well.

Shades of yellow, orange, red, green, purple and blue are all excellent color choices to grab a user’s attention. In some cases, black and white is the way to go. It just depends on the design of your website. The key to creating an attention grabbing website is to work plenty of white space and contrast into your design.

Instead of packing your website with text, graphics and photographs, be selective. A clean layout will offer more visual impact than a page packed with too many elements. If your web pages are busy, no one color will stand out enough to grab a user’s attention.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with a wide variety of colors before settling on the one color you will rely on to engage visitors to your site. Rely on the advice of your web designer. Even if you think you’ll have a color recommendation, it doesn’t hurt to try it out. You may be surprised at the color combinations that work in a web design.

Be bold. If you’re going to rely on color to grab the attention of your visitors, make it memorable. Browse the Internet for bold, attention grabbing websites where the color jumps off the screen. What makes these color schemes work? Apply these examples to your own color scheme to make your web design come together.

What’s the best color? Ultimately you’ll have to decide. For example, a website full of black and white elements may benefit from a bold red color to grab a user’s attention. However, red might blend in with other website designs.

What colors grab your attention? If you’re looking for help with your design consider giving us a call at Pinpoint Digital. We are a professional web design company located in Connecticut.