Where should you put your phone number?


A phone number is an important piece of information to include on a business website. However, many businesses pay little attention to its placement within the overall web design. This leaves visitors to the website searching for a phone number. Instead of making your phone number difficult to find, focus on locating it a prominent place on your pages.

Make it easy for visitors to your website to find your business’ phone number. Work with your web design professional to create a prominent place for your phone number within the overall design. The contact page, help page and about page are common places to include a business phone number and other contact information. However, even the placement on these pages is important.

Where should you put your phone number? Many businesses place their phone number and other contact information at the very bottom of their web pages. While this is a place visitors know to look, it isn’t the best place to locate a phone number if you want your website traffic to generate phone calls. Instead, consider placing your phone number near the top of your web pages in a contact box.

Work with your web designer to create a specific spot near the top of your website to encourage visitors to call you. Asking your visitors to take action is often very important. Integrating your contact information into your overall design is a great way to prompt your prospective customers to call you.

Placing your phone number so it is visible throughout your entire site is a smart approach. Some businesses include their phone number in their header area where it is easy to see and find. No matter where you decide to position your phone number, remember it needs to be easy to see upon arrival to the website.

If your website contains an eCommerce component, make sure you integrate your phone number and other contact information into the checkout process. Adding your phone number into the copy on the order page and throughout the checkout process will help your customers feel confident. A phone number indicates there is actually a person behind the website.

While it may take a bit of experimentation between you and your web designer, integrating your phone number into your design is well worth the investment of time. Visitors to your site should be able to readily find your phone number no matter where they land on your website. Keep your customers happy, boost their trust level and generate more leads by placing your phone number in a position of prominence in your web design.

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