Halloween Horror: 10 Frightful Websites

A simple wrong click while searching on Google can lead you to some scary places deep in the mysterious reaches of the Internet. Warning, view these websites at your own risk. You may never recover from witnessing the heinous design crimes present on their pages.

  • The World’s Worst Website’s Ever  – What list of awful websites is complete without “The World’s Worst Website Ever”?  Even though this website is designed to intentionally be horrific, it is a great example of what not to do when designing your website. Does your website break any of the same design rules?
  • Arngren – This website is information overload. Graphics and text fill the entire page. It is truly a nightmare. Visitors to this site will be so overwhelmed, most will navigate immediately to the back button on their browser. Is your website well organized or could it use some work?
  • JamiLin Blog – Carousels and flashing graphics make this website a real eyesore. The bland background and white text make reading difficult. Overall the color scheme is uncoordinated and lacks focus. There is simply too much going on all on one page. This site about Feng Shui services, will leave users looking elsewhere to find chi.
  • Valley Isle Aquatics – The color scheme on this website is horrific. Reading the text on this page is difficult because it multicolored. While color is an important aspect of web design, restraint must be exercised. An accent color or two is ideal, but this website crosses the line.
  • Digital Hollywood – There is not much to love about this website. It looks dated due to its overall design. If you look at the background too long, your eyes will begin to hurt. Finally, the navigation in the blue table is difficult to see clearly because of the white text.
  • Berkshire Hathaway – While this website isn’t particularly awful, it is nothing special. Simple and clean is usually a good thing in web design, but this takes it to an extreme. It almost looks unfinished and as a result,  unprofessional.
  • Lings Cars – Imagine every design crime you can commit when designing a website and you have Lings Cars. It is almost comical, and perhaps that’s the point, but if you want to know what not to do on a website, this is a prime example.
  • Gates N Fences – This website is difficult to read due to the text size, style and color. The navigation looks dated and leaves it looking like a cheesy B-list horror flick.
  • Pacific Northwest X-Ray, Inc. – For a website selling X-Ray equipment, this website is extremely unprofessional. It takes every bad design element from the early days of the Internet and combines it all on one page. If your website looks even remotely like this one, it’s time for a design refresh.

Who is Penny Juice? (http://www.pennyjuice.com/htmlversion/whoispj.htm) – Who is Penny Juice? We’re not sure, but the website is absolutely horrifying. You’re not going to want to stick around long enough to even find out. The explosion of color on this site and lack of any clear navigation is enough to send even the most interested web users back to the search pages.