Clean Design for Better Conversion Rates


Everyone wants better conversion rates on the website. While many people understand the need for a strong call to action and engaging web content, clean design is also a necessity. Clean web design can greatly improve your conversion rates. Especially when you already have a strong call to action crafted throughout your website’s content. With a clean web design, your call to action will shine as will the benefits of whatever solution you are providing to your target demographic.

Clean design matters. When a visitor arrives to your website, will she stay long enough to be drawn in? Once drawn in, will she see your call to action? If she sees your call to action and decides to act, will she encounter a streamlined shopping experience? With a clean design, users will arrive to your website and immediately engage. If you have a clear call to action, it will stand out in a clean design.

In order to see an improvement in your website’s conversion rates, you will need to evaluate your website. The entire conversion process must be clean and streamlined. If you’re unsure about your existing website, contact your web designer. A web design professional will help you clean up your existing website and optimize it for conversion. Once your website is optimized for conversion, you will begin to see an improvement.

Clean design means plenty of white space. Look over your website for any cluttered areas. Clutter means web users will turn their attention elsewhere. For example, you may have an important call to action integrated into a product information page. However, if it is cluttered with lots of text and graphics, the message may never be seen by most users. Instead, they will lose interest and click away. Sometimes, they may even leave your website entirely.

Pay particular attention to your website’s navigation and layout. Work with your web design professional to streamline your website so it is intuitive. Visitors to your site should be seeing your call to action almost upon their arrival. With the proper navigation and layout, you can direct your visitors to your call to action and they will seamlessly begin the conversion process simply by engaging with your content.

Everything on your website should serve a purpose. In fact, all of your site’s content should serve to further bolster your conversion rates. When you add something to your website, consider whether or not it will improve your conversion rates. Ask yourself, “What purpose does this page element or piece of content serve?” If it doesn’t further your conversion rate, go back to the drawing board. The end result will be a clean web design that converts.