The Best Place for a Facebook Like Button – Above or below the post?


Perhaps you’ve never thought about it, but the placement of your Facebook Like button can have an impact on its conversion rate. Most people place the Facebook Like button either above or below the post. So, which is placement is better, above or below the post? The answer is really, both.

It is really important to place the Like button in a prominent place on blog posts. Since a Like button is a type of call to action, it should be placed above the fold. Always place a Like button above your blog posts. People will see it and if they find they title useful or interesting, they will often click the Like button before they even read it.

More reluctant blog readers will read the article before clicking on the Like button. If you’re going to reach these discerning users, you’re going to want to place a Like button below your content. This will make it quick and easy for them to click the Like button after reading the blog post.

Therefore, you really want to use the Like button both above and below blog posts in order to maximize conversion rates. Now that we’ve settled the age old question of where to place your Facebook Like button on your blog posts, let’s look at a few other ways to improve conversion rates on your Like buttons.

Select the right Like button. Not all Like buttons have the same appeal. Select a Like button that blends seamlessly with your existing web design. If you can’t find an attractive Like button for your website, you can work with your web designer to create a custom button for an engaging call to action.

Include a preview of others who have liked the blog posts. When users see that their friends have liked a blog post, they will be more likely to like it. You can work with your web designer to tastefully include friend photos into the Like button area on your blog posts.

Spend some time and refine your Like button’s placement. In order to maximize the impact of your Like button, you’ll want to be sure it’s placed in just the right spot above and below your blog posts. Your web designer will help you with the placement in order to maximize your call to action.

What placement are you currently using on your blog posts?