The Right Colors for Luxury Product Websites


Color choice is an important consideration in web design. What kind of message are you looking to convey through your color choices? Luxury, style, quality and trust are going to be important messages to convey through your choice of color on a luxury product website.

The colors you choose for your luxury product website will largely depend upon the types of products you are selling. However, rich, saturated colors are the best choice for conveying luxury, style, quality and trust. For example, say you are selling luxury purses. You might want to select a rich, saturated color palette that complements colors in the purse collection your web page is featuring.

A luxury product website should be like an art gallery or boutique. Each product you are selling must be showcased as a priceless work of art. Therefore, you will want a lot of white space in your design. This being said, your background doesn’t need to be white. You can select a color that complements the products you are selling. Generally speaking, the color you select should contrast the products so that they stand out. You might also consider adding a subtle texture to the background.

Avoid using too many colors. You don’t want your luxury products to get lost in a busy web design. Select colors that will make your products stand out and be true to your brand. Your color choices should be cohesive throughout your brand. If your colors are red, black and white, you may want the dominant colors of your website to be red, black and white.

In this example, you could use a white textured background, red borders for your product images and black text. While this example is perhaps overly simplistic, the idea is to maintain a strong brand presence for your luxury product website. After all, you are selling a luxury brand. Your products need to be carefully curated. Create a collection that is represented through your color choices.

Instead of experimenting on your own, you will want to work with a web design professional. While you may be set on a specific color palette, your web designer may be able to suggest subtle changes to complement and enhance the appearance of your products. If you work closely with your web designer, you’ll be able to select just the right colors to make your website a luxurious shopping destination.