Why Mega-Menus are Great for eCommerce Websites


Navigation is a critical for an eCommerce website. Shoppers need to be able to quickly and easily locate products. Mega-menus are a great option for eCommerce websites because they provide simple navigation and instant access to product categories and sub-categories.

Amazon first introduced the concept of mega-menus in 2006 and they have been a standard for eCommerce websites since that time. As a result, most eCommerce shoppers are familiar and comfortable using mega-menus to browse for products online.

While mega-menus are an effective navigation option, you do need to be careful in regard to the way they are implemented. Optimal mega-menus consist of multi-dimensional panels that are divided into logical categories and sub-categories of navigational options. Sub-categories can be further broken down into personalized options such as search habits or product usage.

Find a web designer who will work closely with you to structure your mega-menu so it is as intuitive as possible for shoppers on your eCommerce website. Your mega-menu will impact the usability of your entire site, so it’s important to get it right. Plan out your website design with your designer in order to make the shopping experience as seamless as possible for your customers.

Is a mega-menu right for your eCommerce website?
Not every eCommerce website is suited for a mega-menu. If you have a small website with very little content, then you may not benefit from a mega-menu navigational solution.

However, if you sell a large number of products on your eCommerce site, then you will probably benefit from a mega-menu as a navigational solution. Mega-menus provide users with a logical, easy way of locating products. Therefore, they are ideal for most large eCommerce websites. Plus, most people are already used to navigating eCommerce websites with mega-menus thanks to eCommerce giant, Amazon.

What type of navigation do you use for your eCommerce website? How might you improve your existing navigation?