The Fashion for Minimalism: Sites Like Twitter Don’t Need to Explain What They’re About – Most Other Sites Do


In a sense, all design strives for minimalism. Each design element needs to have a purpose. Nobody likes a design filled with useless elements. However, can minimalism go to far? While sites like Twitter don’t need to explain what they’re about, most other sites do. In other words, yes, you can take minimalism too far.

Have you ever arrived at a website and stared at it for a few fleeting seconds wondering what it was about? While you may have appreciated the stark design of the site for its aesthetics, it was likely more frustrating than pleasing. When you set out to design a minimalist website for your business, you need to keep the end user in mind. Minimalism is great, but it can leave new visitors to your site feeling clueless.

In order to pull off a minimal web design, you should clearly spell out what your website is about in your page content. An about page or prominently placed informational block on your main page is important, even on the most minimalist of websites. Craft concise content for your about section and it will fit perfectly with your minimalist design.

While strong content is important in minimalist web design, each design element must function to improve usability. The minimalist aesthetic will be easy to achieve, so instead, focus on making your design elements usable. You may need to perform a large amount of testing with users prior to launching your website to ensure it is usable.

Ultimately, your site’s elements must inform users what your site is about their their design and placement. Minimal design doesn’t mean that your website should be devoid of interactive elements. It simply means you’ve boiled down your website’s elements to their purest form. People will appreciate your minimalist website if it is usable and provides clear direction. Users should be able to arrive at your website, understand its purpose and know what course of action they need to take.

What are your favorite websites with a minimalist design?