What Is Brand Storytelling?


Brand storytelling allows consumers to identify with a business on a personal level. Carefully crafted brand stories lay out the journey of a brand from its inception to its goals for the future. As a business owner in today’s competitive marketplace, it is important for you to be in control of your brand’s story. There are too many avenues for critics and competitors to co-opt your story for their own gain. With brand storytelling, you can shape the perception and direction of your brand and position your business for success long into the future.

What is story does your brand tell? Most businesses set up a website with an “about” page and with the exception of updating contact info and new employees, never go back to it. This is a mistake. You need to integrate brand storytelling into your overall marketing strategy. Over time, you should start working to develop a carefully crafted brand story for your business. As your business evolves, you will want to further tell the story of your brand. Each new part of your journey needs to be related to your prospects and customers.

In the social media age, businesses need to be very conscious of their brand’s story. After all, everyone who discusses your business on social media is contributing to your brand’s perception. The last thing you want is for your voice to be absent from the conversation. Instead, you want to tell your brand’s story and help shape the direction of the conversation that takes place in social media and in other forms of media across the web. Remember, every social media post you create further tells the story of your brand in an increasingly connected world. However, the story you tell, is the starting point for how your brand is perceived.

For example, when you stop offering a product line, your customers are going to react. By telling a story about how your company has adapted to meet the changing needs of your customers, you will help shape how they react. While they may be disappointed you stopped offering a certain product, they will see that you are listening and responding to your needs. In this way, your brand stories are important for laying the groundwork for every business decision you make.

Sharing the stories behind your business can be a powerful way to build your brand and in turn create brand loyalty. As you go forward and create content for your website, don’t forget to consider what story it is telling about your brand. Finally, if it’s been a while since you visited your “about” page, it may be time to refresh it with some carefully crafted brand stories.