How do I animate an object in an arc shape

While there are a number of options for animating objects in an arc shape, the most effective option for a contemporary website is going to be through the Canvas element in HTML5. The Canvas element allows you to dynamically create bit map graphics using JavaScript. It was introduced by Apple in 2004 on Mac OS X and Safari and is now in common use across all major browsing platforms. Therefore, it is an ideal method to use when you are looking to animate an object.

In order to animate an object in an arc shape, you’ll first need to understand how to use Canvas and draw basic shapes. Once you’ve mastered how to draw basic shapes in Canvas, you can then move on to animating them. However, if you really want to achieve a professional look, you may want to consult a web designer for help. Working with a web designer will save you time, aggravation and will allow you to focus on the big picture of your project. If you do decide to go it on your own, you will want to also learn JavaScript in addition to basic drawing and animation in Canvas.