Easy Rounded Corners with CSS Border Radius

Rounded corners are used to enhance the appearance and usability of web design elements. While there are different ways to achieve rounded corners, CSS Border Radius is an ideal method. CSS makes for clean design and Border Radius is easy to implement.

The CSS Border Radius property makes it easy to create rounded corners in web design elements. It eliminates the need for corner images or multiple div tags. Currently, it has widespread browser support. However, like anything, you’ll want to work with your web designer to ensure it is implemented properly so as to account for any existing discrepancies across browsers.


CSS Border Radius is implemented using four border-radius properties including border-bottom-left-radius, border-bottom-right-radius, border-top-left-radius and border-top-right-radius. This enables you to have a great deal of control over the corners of all your design elements. These border radius properties can be expressed in length or percentage.

There is a website that makes generating CSS Border Radius incredibly easy. If you’re trying to test out the design of an element, it might be a quick way for you to play around with different numbers until you achieve just the right radius. Once you’ve honed in on a radius that gives you can work with your web designer to implement the CSS into your  design elements.

Rounded corners are often used for text boxes, buttons and other interactive page elements. If you’re looking to improve the usability of your website, implementing rounded corners on interactive elements can be a good start. Users often look for rounded corners as a visual cue for interactive elements.

While you may not want to use rounded corners for all of your design elements, when used selectively, to achieve a specific objective, they can be quite useful. If you want to include rounded corners into your design elements, discuss implementing the CSS Border Radius property. It’s a great way to create rounded corners without slowing down the performance of your website.

Do you use rounded corners to enhance your website’s usability?