How do I build an HTML5 Chatroom

Do you need a chat room for your website? Chat rooms can be an ideal method to build a community around your website. They can increase return visits to your website and also boost your sites overall levels of interactivity. As a website owner, there are many options for creating a chat room. However, if you want to create a chat room that will grow as the Internet grows, you will want it designed in HTML5. After all, HTML5 is the future of the Internet. Your chat room built in HTML5 will be scalable as new developments emerge with web standards.

While you will want to discuss all of your options with your web developer, PHP is usually a great option for creating an HTML5 chat room on websites. PHP is a quick and simple way to create a basic chat room for a website. If you don’t need anything out of the ordinary, this method will serve you well. Other options for a more do-it-yourself approach include WordPress and RumbleTalk. However, keep in mind that these options may not offer the seamless integration that a chat room will have if you work with a web designer who uses PHP.