Picking the Right Server Software

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1008231_48362590Are you using the right server to power your business? Selecting the right server for your business is critical to the performance of your databases, web servers, email servers and other applications. While there is no one server that will be right for every business, most businesses will be well served with either Windows or Linux server software. Picking the right server software for your business will come down to what functions it will need to serve.

Whether you are preparing to launch your website or simply want to improve your existing site’s performance, understanding a little about Windows and LInux servers will help make meetings with your web developer more productive.

Windows Server Software
Out of the box, Windows server software is simple to install and run in default mode. It includes a full array of drivers for nearly all types of hardware and software available on the market. While it is simple to get set up, there are ongoing considerations to using Windows server software such as security problems requiring critical patches. These patches often require rebooting. Finally, Windows server software is expensive. The purchase price along with the ongoing maintenance in order to keep the server updated and stable. Still, it is a great choice for many business owners depending on their needs, security/stability concerns and budget constraints.

Linux Server Software
For installation, Linux requires more consideration in terms of hardware drivers and hardware compatibility. As a result, the setup is more advanced than with a Windows server and it requires more knowledge in order to install and run the operating system as well as the applications. However, while the installation and setup is more difficult, Linux is typically much more secure and stable than Windows. This is especially true with Enterprise editions of Linux. Ultimately, the decision between Windows and Linux server software is going to come down to your specific needs and constraints. Your web developer will be able to guide you in the right direction based on your project requirements.