Web fashions: Parallax Scrolling

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From: http://www.awwwards.com/20-best-websites-with-parallax-scrolling-of-2013.html

Source: http://www.awwwards.com/20-best-websites-with-parallax-scrolling-of-2013.html

Parallax scrolling has risen to popularity in web design in large part due to the emergence of CSS3 and HTML5. The concept of parallax scrolling embraces the fluidity provided by both CSS3 and HTLM5 in web design. Proponents of parallax backgrounds believe they improve user engagement as well as the overall usability of a website.

So, what is parallax scrolling? Simply put, its a scrolling technique in computer graphics. where the page elements move at different speeds and in different across the screen when scrolled. This is great for web design, because it creates the illusion of depth in a 2 dimensional web design. At its roots, parallax scrolling can be traced back to 1930s animations that used the multi-pane camera technique. Today, parallax scrolling is one of the top web fashions.

Can your web design benefit from parallax scrolling? There’s no doubt that the technique can be used to create beautiful and engaging websites. You can add depth and interactivity into your website with parallax scrolling.

For example, you can use sideways scrolling to showcase a line of products. Parallax scrolling allows you to feature products in 3D. Images really come to life with the effective use of this technique. Talk with your web design professional to discuss how you can use parallax scrolling to enhance your website.

Many businesses have used parallax scrolling to create compelling brand storytelling on their websites. Combining scrolling, sound and captivating graphics can be a powerful way to increase user engagement on your website. However, you need to use parallax scrolling strategically. Feature your scrolling storytelling content on your landing page for the most impact and keep the rest of your website free from parallax scrolling for the most impact.

Parallax scrolling can also be an effective way to help your users navigate through your website. You can use movement in your web design to focus the attention of users on the information you want them to see. As a result, you’ll be able to guide users through your web pages. Integrate your call to action into your parallax scrolling elements to create a powerful and engaging message.

Is parallax scrolling just another fad? It may be a fad, but savvy web design professionals will use it as an effective tool in their toolbox. When used appropriately, it can create an engaging and compelling website.

How could you use parallax scrolling to enhance your website?