5 Stunning Travel Websites

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Screen shot 2014-05-14 at 11.49.01 AMThe best travel websites feature vibrant, high quality pictures that transport viewers to the destination. Visitors to travel websites want to live vicariously. In order to engage visitors to your travel website, you need to offer just the right mix of texture, color and images to provide an exhilarating experience.

1.Visit Mexico
Visit Mexico takes you right into the heart of Mexico’s most beautiful destinations. The full image background will make you feel like you’re browsing in an upscale shop while viewing enchanting scenes in the slideshow. The website is exploding with beauty and color giving viewers a chance to immerse themselves in the experience.

2.The Hawaiian Islands
This website features a textured background and a stunning array of gorgeous pictures on the home pages. Visitors will be able to experience the beauty and lifestyle of the Hawaiian Islands through the website’s use of texture and color.

3.Cathedral Mountain Lodge
This website’s use brilliant large pictures and vibrant color scheme brings you right into the gorgeous landscape and adventure offered by the Canadian Rockies. The site layout offers just the right balance of captivating images and straightforward nativation and information to help visitors learn about the destination.

4.The Villa Group 
Featuring panoramic photographs of the landscape, the food and the villas, this website offers a true glimpse into the travel experience offered by The Villa Group. The color palette serves to enhance the vibrant colors of the food and landscape for a refined, luxurious appearance.

5.Egypt Travel
The color palette combined with the high quality photographs on this website make it absolutely beautiful. It’s hard to take your eyes off from the website as it slowly transports you through the scenes you’ll experience in your travels to Egypt. The website exudes luxury and exotic travel with the tasteful selection of texture and color.

What travel websites transport you to exotic destinations?