LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Which should you focus on?


Maintaining an active social media presence for a business can be a challenge. This is particularly true for businesses that are active on a number of popular social media sites such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. If you’re struggling to keep up with all of your current social media profiles or are just getting started with social media, you might be wondering, which should you focus on?

Unfortunately, there is not hard and fast answer. Each social media site is unique. They each serve a specific purpose and reach a different demographic. The key to knowing which site to focus on for your business is defining your purpose for being on social media and knowing your demographic.

LinkedIn is a social media site for professionals who are looking to network. It is dubbed as the “World’s Largest Professional Network.” If your business serves other businesses, then LinkedIn may be a beneficial place to focus your energy. It really all depends upon what you are looking to get out of your business’ social media presence. If you’re looking to build trust, develop relationships and nurture leads with other professionals, then LinkedIn may be a solid choice.

Often considered the red-headed stepchild of social media, Google+ is easy to overlook. People don’t seem to have embraced it as much as they have been forced into using it by Google. Even so, Google+ does have its advantages. If you’re looking to expand your business’ reach on the web and build authority, you may want to start networking using Google+.

Facebook is often the go-to choice for many business owners because it is seen as a good overall low-cost marketing opportunity. Business owners can use Facebook to share information about their business, interact with customers and prospects, generate leads, provide customer support, raise brand awareness, drive web traffic and engage in targeted advertising. Facebook is among the top choices among businesses for a reason. If your target demographic uses the popular platform, it may be a good place to get your feet wet with social networking.

The benefits of Twitter for businesses are similar to those offered by Facebook. However, Twitter offers a unique opportunity to join conversations and become contributing members of a community that is interested in a wide range of topics. You can use Twitter to generate leads over time by engaging with different segments of your target demographic. If you’re interested in lead generation and boosting interactivity, Twitter is an ideal choice.

What social networks do you focus on for your business?